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Flu shot during pregnancy?

Posted by NonToxic House on November 12, 2008

Flu season is just about to pounce. And if you’re pregnant it’s something you’re likely concerned about. But I’m still on the fence about a flu shot.

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Unimmunized kids among current measles outbreak

Posted by NonToxic House on May 2, 2008


Nine states have reported 64 cases of the measles to the Centers for Disease Control between January 1 and April 25 – it doesn’t sounds like a lot, but that’s more than in any year since 2001. The CDC is expressing concern that we could be on the verge of a larger outbreak, partly because of three key issues:

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Under-vaccinating your child by choice?

Posted by NonToxic House on April 30, 2008

childhood vaccinations

This week, the Centers for Disease Control issued a statement that indicated 20 percent of our 2-year-olds are under-vaccinated. ABC News and others reported on the announcement, saying that kids are missing vaccines but, also, that they are receiving vaccinations at the wrong time and the wrong interval. 

But did they miss an important angle?

Is it that parents simply aren’t taking their kids in for vaccinations, that doctors are inept in administering vaccinations properly – or is there a groundswell of parents opting not to vaccinate their children?

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