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Tips and Resources: Non-toxic toys

Posted by NonToxic House on June 6, 2008

The thought of inspecting every toy for toxicity can be overwhelming for some, while others revel in the empowering feeling of cleaning out the toy bin (guess which camp I fall in?). I think I can satisfy both groups with some general guidelines to help you choose non-toxic toys and some detailed tips and resources to help you examine your existing batch and new ones you bring into your home.

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Anamalz: non-toxic wooden toys that flex

Posted by NonToxic House on June 6, 2008


It takes a bit more effort to find a safe non-toxic toy. Many plastic toys – rubber duckies, bath books, teethers, etc. – are made of PVC (plastic #3), which uses a group of chemicals called phthalates (pronounced “tha-lates”) that make the plastic soft and pliable but also have been shown to disrupt hormones and cause other health issues.

Wooden toys are definitely a safer alternative…

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Green baby registries on the rise (but not trouble free)

Posted by NonToxic House on May 7, 2008

Babies”R”Us said this week that it’s noticing growing momentum in the creation of “green” baby registries, or registries populated with organic items – and that it’s a big change from how its registries were being made in the past: 

In the past, color and pattern were key determining factors, but now, parents are increasingly interested in ensuring that their baby’s world is healthy and clean,” said Tori Binau, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Babies”R”Us.

That’s no surprise to safeBABY readers – but there’s still a lot more these retailers can be doing to make the process of creating safe, non-toxic baby registries easier. Here’s a look at where things currently stand:

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Natural toys at Toys “R” Us

Posted by NonToxic House on April 14, 2008


Toys “R” Us is rolling out a new line of chemical-free, organic and natural toys in time for Earth Day (April 22nd). The collection includes natural wooden cars and trucks, natural cotton plush animals and organic cotton dolls, but it looks like the wooden products are the only ones to have made it online so far. They’re decorated with a wood-burning technique, which gives them a retro, craft-type look, while the plush animals and cotton dolls are said to be colored using natural or water-based dyes and made with unbleached cotton.

A quick Google search reveals that, while the wooden toy collection is hardly unique, Toys “R” Us’ pricing is spot on: $9.99 for the racing car picture above. Here’s a look at the pricier competition:

From left: Skinny wooden car ($29.50) from Kid Bean; hay wagon ($39.95) from All Amish Furniture and tractor ($12.50) from KidBean.

The Toys R Us launch is timely, entering the market as toy safety steps into the national spotlight because of lead paint, faulty magnets and other health hazards.

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Meet Sophie. A non-toxic teether.

Posted by NonToxic House on March 28, 2008


Ohdeedoh has a nice round-up of non-toxic teethers – great for your baby or (how thoughtful!) for a friend’s. The post was prompted by a reader who asked, ‘With so much attention being paid to the dangers of plastics and lead in toys, do decent options exist for teething babies?’.

Why, yes, the options are decent – and apparently super chic! My favorite is Sophie the Giraffe, an old school French teether made of natural rubber (that’s right, from a rubber tree).

The RaZ-Berry silicone teether, though, I can do without.



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How not to dry a baby.

Posted by NonToxic House on March 20, 2008


Who says safety tips can’t be fun? The photo comes from a great tongue-in-cheek book, Safe Baby Handling Tips by David Sopp.

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