Making healthy babies and keeping them healthy, happy … and safe.

About safeBABY

It all started with folic acid. Sure, I knew about it, but I never really knew how important it was to having a safe baby. Women of my mom’s generation might scoff and say we’re overthinking things, and, to some extent, they’re right. But, the reality is,  things are different these days. Car seat recalls. Lead paint in toys. Pesticides in baby food. 

It’s all quite overwhelming, really. 

And that’s where this site comes in. I’m an editor for a magazine covering the food and consumer products industries, so this stuff pops up a lot. I find myself sending emails to friends and co-workers  about news and research I come across. But a barrage of emails is no way to get things done. I set up safeBABY as a central source of good, reliable information, with tips and resources to build awareness, assess the risks and support smart decisions – to help make healthy babies and to keep them healthy, happy … and safe.


4 Responses to “About safeBABY”

  1. Angela said

    I haven’t heard anything about sippy cups and pacifiers and food packaged in plastic. Do these have BPA in them? Is there a way to tell?

  2. JH said

    This is a GREAT site! I can’t believe how much great info you have on here! Keep up the good work.

  3. safeBABY said

    Angela, see if there’s a recycling code on these cups and pacifiers. You want to avoid polycarbonate plastic (a #7 plastic), along with PVC and polystyrene. If there are no markings, give the manufacturer a call to determine what kind of plastic they’re using for the product. I’m of a conservative mindset when it comes to these things. There are stainless steel sippy cups for kids these days and pacifiers/teether made of silicone and natural rubber. Do a search on safeBABY for some options and keep an eye out for more posts to come.

  4. safeBABY said

    JH, thanks for the feedback!

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