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safeBABY is …

Posted by NonToxic House on July 29, 2008

… expecting! Exciting news! Am looking forward to a pregnancy that’s healthy, happy and safe. Can’t wait to meet you, baby!


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What’s in your car seat?

Posted by NonToxic House on July 23, 2008

A new report from the Ecology Center, a Michigan-based advocacy group, warns parents that car seats contain certain dangerous chemicals. The group released its second annual guide to toxins in car seats this week. Read on for the details…  Read the rest of this entry »

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Banned cancer-causing fire retardant still in use

Posted by NonToxic House on July 14, 2008

Fire retardants are designed to protect you and your family – and that’s good – but there are growing concerns over some of them.

This week, for instance, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  ran a story indicating that a flame retardant called “chlorinated tris” –  which was banned from use in children’s pajamas more than 30 years ago after it was found to cause cancer – is being used with increasing regularity in furniture, paint – even baby carriers and bassinets – and manufacturers are under no obligation to let the public know about it.

Chlorinated Tris is meant to make products like upholstered furniture and mattresses safer by preventing them from catching fire. But the Journal Sentinel‘s story leaves many wondering which is the bigger risk: a potential fire or the product meant to minimize it?

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Safer lawns and gardens

Posted by NonToxic House on July 1, 2008









Don’t wait until your kids are rolling in the grass or digging in your tomato beds to rethink your lawn and garden strategy. In fact, research suggests that it’s something to consider before the little ones even come along.

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