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Anamalz: non-toxic wooden toys that flex

Posted by NonToxic House on June 6, 2008


It takes a bit more effort to find a safe non-toxic toy. Many plastic toys – rubber duckies, bath books, teethers, etc. – are made of PVC (plastic #3), which uses a group of chemicals called phthalates (pronounced “tha-lates”) that make the plastic soft and pliable but also have been shown to disrupt hormones and cause other health issues.

Wooden toys are definitely a safer alternative…

Of course, that’s if you buy the wooden toys unfinished or finished with natural paints, waxes and non-toxic glues. The problem is that even the “good” wooden toys often look so, well, uninspired.

Not so with Anamalz, a line of hand-made wooden animal figures from an Australia-based company. Though they’re manufactured in China (often a red flag for concerned parents), they are made from organic maple, use water-based paints, formaldehyde-free glues and recycled textiles – and they’re designed to be flexible so heads, legs and other appendages bend and move (almost) like a real animal’s.

Here’s a look at some of the adorable figures in the line:

 Anamalz\' gorilla

Anamalz says it just signed a distribution agreement with Russ Berrie, which means you’ll be finding these toys at mass retailers like JC Penney, Barnes & Noble, Hallmark Cards and others soon. And a quick search on Amazon shows they’re currently available through specialty boutiques. 



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